Aishi Dotani
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Kanji どたに あいし
Rōmaji Dotani Aishi
Also Known As Ai-chan
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 10
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation My Prism
Personal Status
Relatives Michiko Dotani (mother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Etsuko Kozakura
Aishi Dotani is a supporting character in PriPara: Divine Stars and a fourth grader at Avocado Academy. She is a Natural-type idol and her preferred brand is Graffiti Legend. She currently works in a unit with Chiri Tsukikawa and Shion Todo called My Prism.


Aishi has long blonde hair worn in a ponytail and brown eyes. Outside of PriPara, she wears glasses, but switches to contacts when inside PriPara. She ends her sentences with "-desu" in PriPara.


Aishi is a huge fan of PriPara and wants to become a famous idol, but she has terrible songwriting skills and her ideas for Coords or Making Dramas are very drab. Because of this, she relies on Chikako and her friends to help her improve her poor skills so she can perform in PriPara with them.

Aishi has two sides to her, one being sweet, loving, and happy, and the other being a psycho maniac. Even though she seems really cute and nice, she actually has quite a short temper and a twisted heart. There's a boy in her class that she really likes, but he doesn't really notice her well because he spends more time with someone else, which makes Aishi jealous to the point where she lets her psycho side get the best of her. Even though she has a few anger issues, Aishi is still a nice, caring person. She is believed to be weak and helpless, but she's actually very strong. She loves attention and usually brags about herself being exaggerated at a ton of points.


  • Hoppy - Her manager.
  • Michiko Dotani: Aishi's mother. She seems to have a love-hate relationship with her mother and often fights and argues with her. Aishi is also jealous that her mother is dating a man that she hardly even knows.
  • Chikako Watanabe: One of Aishi's allies in PriPara. Chikako teaches Aishi how to write better songs and helps her improve her lyrics.
  • Sakura Saitou: One of Aishi's allies in PriPara. Sakura also helps Aishi improve her lyrics.
  • Kimiko Nakahara: One of Aishi's allies in PriPara. Kimiko helps Aishi design better Coords for her brand.
  • Saki Abe: One of Aishi's allies in PriPara. Saki helps Aishi come up with better Making Dramas to use in her performances.
  • Karen Akiyama: One of Aishi's allies in PriPara. Karen helps Aishi improve her singing voice.
  • Izumi Fujioka: One of Aishi's allies in PriPara. Izumi teaches Aishi some relaxing techniques to calm herself down whenever she gets angry, which helps her control her psycho side.





Making DramaEdit





  • "Yeah! You rock-desu!"
  • "Let's be best friends forever-desu!"
  • "I don't like your boyfriend, Mom."
  • "Huh? Why-desu?"
  • "What do you mean-desu?"
  • "Oh, I get it!"
  • "Come on, let's play!"
  • "Oh my! That's what I said!"
  • "Why are you so angry-desu?"
  • "Come on, girls! Our fans are waiting for us!" 
  • "I don't care. Just leave me alone..."
  • "I'm...sorry-desu..." 
  • "I didn't know what those words meant. Are they really that bad?"  
  • "I love helping out like this-desu!" 
  • "Shut up already-desu!"
  • "Ugh. My performance was canceled again-desu." 
  • "I think I dance like such a klutz-desu."
  • "Having such helpful friends like you is all I ever need-desu!" 
  • "I'll do my best, okay?"
  • "Look, wise guy, I know I'm an idol. I can feel it in my blood!"
  • "Teehee, I sure feel like a real idol now-desu."
  • "Hello! Nice to meet you-desu!"
  • "I'm adorable-desu!"
  • "Oh my gosh! She's so cool! I love her-desu!"
  • "I'm ready to grow up and become an adult-desu!"
  • "This is the best day ever-desu!"




  • Her personality and some of her characteristics are inspired by Tamama, a character from Sgt. Frog.
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