Aprii is the mascot and Manager of the idol unit "Ha-Pi Holidays", she runs the unit with Celebii


Aprii is a light pink tanooki/racoon with raspberry markings all over her body. She has white eyes and white hair worn in an odango cut, with the orbs resembling a clover. Her wings are pale blue and around is her neck is a black bow worn to the side of her neck with a clover-gem center. 


Aprii is generally nice and good, but she also happens to be very naughty every now and then. She can be a little childish, in that when scolded, she will usually leave in a huff or start crying to try to get out of trouble. She can be a bit charming and manipulative this way, but is also noted for being sort of greedy. If she knows the girls (or she, herself) can earn something really nice, she will push them towards it even if they do not really want it.

However, her greed can also come in handy sometimes, since it helps her remember important details at crucial times, and keeps her very responsible.  



Aika/Kotone would be Aprii's second favorite in this unit. 

Rin YukimuraEdit

Aprii finds Rin to be kind of annoying, but everyone assumes it to be a proxy thing since she is closest to Celebii. 

Rei TsukinoEdit

Aprii happens to favor Rei due to her own occasional, mischevious, prank-enjoying side. Aprii seems to be trying to impress her, due to how stoic and neutral she usually appears to be. 

Aya Mizu and Ayano MiyaEdit



Aprii often spends her time teasing or goofing around with the gentle deer, and she has no problem using her manipulation to get things from him. They bicker a lot, but since she found out that he believes that deep down she has a pure heart, she's developed quite a crush on him and has become a tsundere around him and others. She can also become a little envious when he hangs out with other girl mascots/managers. 




  • Aprii's name and personality comes from April Fools day.  

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