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Alia Aternosa
Alia's Initial PriPara Form
Kanji アリア アテルノサ
Rōmaji Aria Aterunosa
Also Known As Alia
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human, Vistage
Gender Male
Age 1 (Chronologically); 19 (Physically)
Height 169 cm
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Silvery white
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Pull:Vitae (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Allen Crosslight (Twin sister)
Arata Futaba (Original Self)
Sho Futaba
Tsukasa Futaba
Anime PriPara: Mirai no Stories
Voice Actors
Japanese Shouta Aoi (Singing & speaking voice)

Alia Aternosa is one of the main protagonists of PriPara: Mirai no Stories' second season, as well as a temporary antagonist. He is a mysterious individual who oversees Idols from the top of buildings. He is a Celeb typed Idol and uses Tenebris Swallowtail.  

Appearance Edit

Alia has a slender boy and an appearance similar to a girl's. He has short, curly, silvery white hair and yellow eyes.

Inside PriPara, the only that has changed is his pupils, which are now slitted, similar to a cat's eyes.

After his battle with Allen, his hair is straightened while growing some streaks of his hair that goes past his shoulders. He has a visible scar on his neck.

Personality Edit

Alia, at first, was very distant to everyone else, He doesn't talk a lot, too.

When he reveals himself as a member of Pull:Vitae, he displays a cold, cruel and hateful personality towards Allen. He seems to look sad every now and then.

When Mideniko tasked him to corrupt Ako, he was willing at first, but Ako's bright and positive personality changed him. He slowly began changing, to the point he starts pranking others.

The "real" Alia is lonely. He desperately needs someone to love him, but he succumbs to despair, knowing that it will never happen after Latale told him that no one would love a monster such as him.

After the battle, he starts to express more emotions than before, even laughing out loud.

Relationships Edit

  • Mideniko
    The leader of Pull:Vitae. She was the one who recruited him to join. He is in her debt after giving him a chance to find happiness despite her wish to corrupt PriPara.
  • Ako Bando
    He had no feelings for her until she just smiled at him, melting his heart. When his mission to make her fall into despair, it backfire as she didn't have anything to be sad of. He ended up stalking her so that he could know what her weakness is. After a while, he developed feelings for her, but he knew it was impossible because of what Latale said, but Ako reassured him that someone will; and that was her.
  • Allen Crosslight
    His twin sister. Initially, he hated her for being the "good" Vestige while he had to suffer the fact he was a monster. (According to Latale.)

Notable Coords Edit

  • Tenebris Swallowtail Cyalume Coord - His Cyalume Coord,

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Alia is has monophobia, the fear of being alone.
    • This is why he joined Pull:Vitae; to find a place to belong.
  • He is dumber than Allen.
  • He likes jelly.
  • Allen and Alia are the youngest characters in the series, being only a year old.
  • His surname was given to him by Mideniko.

Etymology Edit

His first name, Alia, is Latin for other, while Aternosa is Latin for dark road.

Gallery Edit

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