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Ballroom for the Lonely is a song. Its haunting melody happens to be quite the people pleaser.



The song is told from the P.O.V. of a broken princess who has become delusional from rejection. She is lonely and waiting for the one person to come and take her away from her pain. But she is unable to realize her mind has begun to cause her harm from not recognizing what was real and what isn't anymore. To her, the same ball that was one set has been repeating, when in reality it is obvious some time has passed. 


The ball is beginning, would you like to come?

Upon the stroke of night, the party lights up. 

An echo of color, music bouncing around. 

Ribbons of passion

Carpets of wonder. 

Are you okay?

Burning time passing everything by. 

Shuffles of fabric becomes the only sound. 

A filter of rejection reverbs the rooms. 

A broken heart 

diamond tears

Destruction abound...

But how...

is it already so late?

I can't understand, I wont begin.

The hand that I longed for has disappeared.

Where you really here?

The sweet details turn bitter.

The beauty of distorted music.

A broken promise, the hand that is fading. 

How could you not be here?

The princess waits alone, for her prince. 

But the guest of honor has long vanished. 

Anger and passion, sadness, rejection. 

An undermined heart best forgotten.

But how, how has it ended this way?

A darkest beginning, the lonely ending...

A lesson forgotten...

The princess shall eventually leave.

The desire knows no bounds.

Her story un-ending, a heart un-mended....

Won't you be my guest?


  • The hall it is normally performed in resembles that of a fancy ballroom.
  • Chris debuts the GloomHeArT coord "Anxiety Princess". It's recolors are usually worn by back-up singers if need be. These being "Anxious Princess" and "Uneasy Princess".