• Sakura0Xavier

    Heya there fellow PriPara fans! I know this wikia is pretty lonely and dead and very few of us edit much but even so we still are here to have fun and enjoy using the wikia and so I thought to make some events up. I'll tell you the name of the events, if it was canon or fanon, what you do in the events, what you need to take part in an event and other details like what you can gain from the event and such!

    If you want to contact me I created a discord server so we can all come and speak together about anything and everything!

    As the title says this event would take place during a week prior and after halloween for the Role-Play events but the rest will take over the whole month of October to give us enough chance t…

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  • AfifahKhairunnisa
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  • AfifahKhairunnisa


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  • LoliRose

    Good night folks! As you may know I started another series of Pripara called Pripara Dancing Princess(, I thought it would be fun for you help me with the brands and the new characters. It will be a worldwide competition and some representatives from several different countries will take part then:

    1 Choose one country from the list and create your idol that'll be in my new series! 

    2. Help me decide the brands of the three characters that are already in the series, Coco, Morena and Melody can choose brands (the pripara series or my brands) that already exist, their brands or maybe new brands. If your Idol is choosen I will made a draw of her.

    List of countries 

    • Germany
    • Argentina
    • EUA
    • Ja…

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  • TensionRelax2

    Konichiwa minna! Please check out my ocs: Happy Passion! I will add more art to their galleries as time progresses! Pleas check them out! Arigato!

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  • Chrismh

    Wiki Design Changes!

    March 30, 2015 by Chrismh

    Well, although I kept this theme for as long as I did for the sake of having a Fanon-inspired design, I've decided that I'm kinda tired of it. Well, that and I get tired of people asking me about changing it because they don't understand how I work XD

    Anyway, I'm not quite sure what I plan to replace the background with just yet. I'd like something soft, maybe to sorta fit with Easter coming up? If anyone has any images or ideas, or knows how design wikia and would like the job/role of doing it just let me know. 

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  • AsamiYoshida

    My Oc Asami Yoshida

    March 13, 2015 by AsamiYoshida

    Hello everyone! In my first day at PriPara Fanon Wiki, I want to show to all of you my OC! Here's Her information, and I hope you all like it! Oh, and before I show her, I want to say that the drawing that I will show of her, I made it. If you want, you can comment so I can know what do you think of her. Ok, here it is!...


    Full Name: Asami Yoshida

    Age: 15

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Birthday: January 7th

    Looks: Twin chocolate brown ponytails with light blue highlights, purple eyes, Paprika Private Academy uniform (Only outside of PriPara, I will show it soon!), pink pale skin, light blue dress with blue and dark blue frills on the top, with sapphire lines on the skirt, light blue polka dot high knee socks, light blue flamenco shoes with a sapphire …

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  • Loveairaharune

    Fan character

    February 28, 2015 by Loveairaharune

    I'm not sure whether I should create a fanseries or not, but I just had a go at making a fan character:

    What do you think?

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  • LeahYxrs


    February 18, 2015 by LeahYxrs

    Are you guys ever going to change the background? It's not Halloween anymore.

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  • Mabelle.fujioka


    February 10, 2015 by Mabelle.fujioka

    hey peeps

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  • NightBellRose

    Hey, NBR here. I'm sorry, but I'm going hiatus for a while until summer starts. It's just that school's kinda hard for me right now and I'm having difficulties. A lot of difficulties. Please forgive me, but don't worry. Once summer starts, I'll be editing a lot.  -NightBellRose

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  • RibbonMaster

    Its... Mweh. I will make better ones tho :P

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  • Snowflakes519

    2nd Update!!!

    December 29, 2014 by Snowflakes519

    Okey I have a serious updating problem, I take too long!? or is just me? oh well here is the next part of the 2014 1st Prism Collection feauturimg (miss spell?) the brand Colorfull Step with a retro circus pop theme.

    I'm the only one who thinks that those skirts are really awckwards. I sure hope not, because I'm not the biggest fan of those puffy skirts. Anyway Happy Christmass and New year (I better upload faster or it will be awckward to have a 2014 collection in 2015 lol) next is Locket Melody and Yuri Ayame debut.

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  • IchibanHoshii


    December 27, 2014 by IchibanHoshii

    Hey! I'm currently working on some brands, but I have no idea of what to name them.

    So this is the themes I need to get brand-names of: Winter-lovely and urban-pop

    The winners will win something awesome (not very awesome)!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Chrismh

    I noticed that we have a couple of categories we do not necessarily need; because we have quite a few variants of it. Oh sure, categories are nice to have, don't get me wrong. But people tend to get confused when you have a few of the SAME category; so I have decided to list which these are, and what I plan to delete and fix-up. 

    Also I wanted to mention, for anyone who makes coord pages. I can add descriptions so feel free to ask me :D

    This is the one I see a lot. These are basically the same word said 3 times; the problem with it is that people know these variants and have no idea which one to officially use. I'm capable of doing this too, so don't feel bad if you just use all 3 to make life simple. 

    To fix this, I will be taking everything…

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  • Chrismh

    Hi everyone! I got some exciting news! 

    I've had this wonderful idea for quite a few weeks now, but I sorta kept forgetting about it with other stuffs going on. But this works out, because since it's around the holiday time it makes the idea even more fun and special for everyone. 

    So the idea came to me when I kept thinking "I wish there was a way to just make a one chapter/episode series of my characters". SO that is essentially my idea: a compiled, put-together episodic format series for everyones fan characters to be a part of. In saying this, all I mean is that you basically write a single story/page for your character. It could be from a series you made up, it could explain how she found Pripara, a trouble she ran into. Just think like…

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  • IchibanHoshii

    Sharing our stuff

    November 22, 2014 by IchibanHoshii

    So... (like most of my blog posts start) We're all making a lot of cool characters, brands, devices and other cool stuff. Sometimes you (at least when you're me) see stuff and you're like: "How come I never thought of THIS!?! It's so awesome!"

    Then I propose we can let other use our stuff, like others main characters for minor characters in our series, that our character is allowed to use a coord from another users brand or an item whom is created by another user is allowed to feature in someone else's series.

    And lastly, just an idea, if you don't like it or don't want to take part of it it's your own choice, I'm not going to put any pressure on any of you.


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  • Snowflakes519


    November 22, 2014 by Snowflakes519

    Minna-san, Here is my first part of the collection:

    And Harukyo wearing her dress before and after cyalume change.

    I hope you all like it; next update is: Colorfull Step and Avaron Aozora first appearance ^^.Look foward to it. Also Post your thoughts; should I keep this, I feel all I do is awckward and silly ;^;

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  • IchibanHoshii

    2014 Zodiac Collection

    November 18, 2014 by IchibanHoshii

    So... a lot of you have made collections with a lot of coords, so I thought I'll join in.

    for my first collection I'll introduce Punk Dream, VivD StaR, Evil Queen and three other brands, two lovely and one pop.

    Look forward to it!


    Each brand will feature with three coords (1 cyalume + 1 zodiac dress + 1 other)

    I'll have zodiac dresses

    I'll publish a new chapter of 12 Zodiacs when the coords are launched.

    Aaand... It will be named the 2015 Zodiac Collection part 1.

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  • IchibanHoshii


    November 15, 2014 by IchibanHoshii

    Ehm.. A lot of us are making a lot of cool brands, including me. I really like drawing the coords, but I am really terrible coming with new brand names. And I am currently working on a brand with a fairy-tale-theme, but I don't know what to name it.

    Any ideas? (if you come up with a good name you'll might get a dress from the brand with, well, something cool)

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  • Snowflakes519

    Well because I saw somw people liked the cyalume coord I made, I want to annunce that I'm gonna release a whole collection with fanmade coords (like the one I amde for ainlina). I hope you like it.

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  • Kitty5552555

    Circus Mode updates!

    November 11, 2014 by Kitty5552555

    Hi guys! For anyone who follows my fanon series PriPara: Circus Mode I'm working on updating it! Currently I'm updating most of the characters designs and coords. Also I'v thought of plots for about 10 episodes and I'v posted the titles on the main series page! Look forward to the new Circus Mode!

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  • Chrismh

    A word from Me

    November 10, 2014 by Chrismh

    Hello everyone. I have noticed that I tend to see a lot of poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or something even things I think could be lengthened around here. So I have decided to make it my duty to clean that stuff up. 

    I made this entry to inform you that if you see me editing pages you have made, I am only doing it because I want to fix this poor grammar or spelling. I will not be changing ANYTHING that belongs to you, I just want to make it look nicer. 

    for example

    She protective older sister

    so I would say: She is a protective older sister

    See, I just plan to make safe, little changes like that. I only wrote this so that people are aware of me doing this. 

    Also, my offer still stands that if someone wants a page made but isn't very confident…

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  • RibbonMaster

    WOOP New Coords :)

    November 3, 2014 by RibbonMaster

    I havent been that active for a while srry, but thats because I became an admin on the PriPara wiki (so I have been working even harder there) and I have some new coords! Some of them are sucky, some of them are ok, some of them are good, someof them are great. I foy have any comments or whatever, feel free to comment!

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  • XManakaLalax

    Halloween RP

    October 29, 2014 by XManakaLalax

    On Saturday, November 1st,  I'll be hosting a Halloween roleplay in the wiki chat. The RP will be running all day, and is open for anyone interested. My character, Dojou, is hosting a Halloween party for any PriPara-goers who see her invitation.

    All the basic wiki rules apply, as well as the following I've imposed to make this experience the best it can be for everyone.

    1. No godmodding (controlling other people's characters)
    2. Out of character messages must be sent ((in this format))
    3. If you are playing multiple characters, if any message is purely dialogue, please prefice your message with /(character name)/, i.e. /Yuri/ *insert dialogue*
    4. Not a rule, but if you want your character to be dressed up for the occasion, feel free to post a picture in th…

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  • Snowflakes519

    I wanted to show you this fanmade priticket that I made, and if you want you can make a request, but please don't expect something legit, I want to improve in them.

    If you want one, I need some settings:

    1.type: decide on lovely,cool, or pop (sexy,ethnic, feminine and star isn't avaliable for now, I'm working on them)

    2.Brand: Fanmade Brands are accepted (if drawed please in a white background, it's easier to cut)

    3.Coord: decide on a coord top, bottom or shoes, accesories too. You can also make a fanmade coord and post it (top, bottom or shoes and accesories). All too but you are coming after others that one only one pricket.

    4. Background: tell me what type of background you will like (don't expect to be the exact background as you described)…

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  • Chrismh

    Hello everyone :3 I'm not really sure how many "passerby's" we happen to get here, or those who would like to make their own/contribute but aren't entirely convinced with their typing or wiki-works. I am making this to inform those of you, the ones who need help or lack confidence, to let me do it for you, instead!

    I will not be taking any credit for the character whatsoever. I only wish to add more pages to this database of all things Pri Para Fanon. So if you have a character and the info for them, you can leave a message here or through my talk page. 

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  • RibbonMaster


    October 20, 2014 by RibbonMaster

    Ok, so I created two images of Souno Tomonai and want to know which one you guys think would fit her image better (in regular form, not idol)

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  • IchibanHoshii

    Our Social Society

    October 20, 2014 by IchibanHoshii

    [Note!! This blog post is not aimed at someone in particular, this is general tips to make this wikia nice and positive for everyone.]So.. This wikia is a pretty new wikia, that have potential to become a big fanon-wikia.

    As we get more contributers who write blog posts and comments at pages there will be people who misunderstands, gets angry and starts a fight. I'm writing this series of tips on how to avoid arguments and feuds. This way we don't have to deal with it.

    Tip 1: NEVER post anything when you're mad.

    Someone treated you badly in the comments and made you angry? Don't post an angry comeback, it'll only make things worse. If you go all caps in full rage it'll make the other part angry and you will probably look pretty immature.

    Tip 2…

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  • Aki.akimetsu.5

    Drawing requests

    October 19, 2014 by Aki.akimetsu.5

    I see there isn't a lot of image of the fan characters so I can make some of your idols if you want c:

    I drawing like this if you want to know (the fanart on the left side).

    So I can do your character (on paper, like the drawing at left, I can't do anything in digital for the moment, sorry >

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  • Ainlina

    Template Requests?

    October 14, 2014 by Ainlina

    Hey guys, 

    so I was wondering if you wanted any templates made. For example: the Main Page Headers are made by me, and I can also make nice-looking infoboxes like on the PriPara wiki. If there are any templates you'd like to have here, comment, so I can at least try to make them. I'm not amazing with templates, but I'm decent, and I'm trying to get better. Request away!

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  • RibbonMaster


    October 8, 2014 by RibbonMaster

    Hey guys! I would like for there to be more promotion and exposure for this wiki. Tell more people about the fanon wiki! I have only seen 3 ppl edit on this wiki: Me, Chris, and Ichiban. Lets make it better! WOOP WOOP! -Encouraging song plays-

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  • IchibanHoshii

    Character Templates

    October 7, 2014 by IchibanHoshii

    Regarding the templates: I don't get to make them work. I want to make a template to my character Krista, but then it's the place I want to have her name, age, etc. but it's only "first", "second" and "third". and the place I want the name, age, etc. is where "full name", "age" is. 

    How do I make it the way I want it to be.

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  • RibbonMaster

    I created some using "Cool text "

    And some using

    And some using ""

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  • RibbonMaster

    Drawing Requests

    October 5, 2014 by RibbonMaster

    I saw IchibanHoshii's blog, and I realized I should take requests too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to draw. I have a PS (photoshop), Paint, sketchbooks, etc. But I usually like to play it old school with sketchbooks or Paint. I am currently working on a 3D representation of Sophie stuck in her cage, its gonna be cool. I am also working on a drawing with some PriPara characters all sort of interacting with each other. I know the Tigress logo I made was pretty bad, but that is because it's a draft. Any requests?

    Update - I made a draft (please remember it is a draft, because it looks pretty bad) of Souno Tomonai to get an idea of how to draw her. Please tell me what I should do to improve her! (besides neatness).

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  • IchibanHoshii

    Okei, so this fanon-wikia is standing on it's two legs (or something), but with not so many pictures for character-profiles, brands or unit-pictures.

    So.. I'm taking recquest to draw your characters, brand- and unit-logos. 

    If you're intrested in how my style is you can check out the Krista Todo-page (the picture isn't uploaded yet, thought) or the GLoomHeArT-page, whom hopefully will be made soon.

    This is totally free, the only thing is that I'll take the credit as the artist.

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