"Everyday should be a celebration!

Celebii is the mascot and Manager of the idol unit "Ha-Pi Holidays" and runs it with Aprii


Celebii is a light brown reindeer with small, dark brown horns and eyes. He has a slight tuft of hair on the top of his head and wears a red and gold christmas bow around his neck. Celebii likes to dress up in Santa costumes and can usually be found carrying a small pouch of gifts. His wings are light mint-green and resemble those of an angel.


Loving and passive for everyone, Celebii always tries to look at the bright side of things and people. However, he can easily be taken advantage over as a result. But don't let his kind heart fool you, he knows how to give pay-back if someone has wronged him or a loved one. He sometimes bickers with Aprii, due to her sometimes selfish or naughty behavior. 



Celebii happened to come across the stray, unique-themed unit in search of a manager. He volunteered to become theirs after seeing a performance the eldest member had figured out, and after realizing her kind heart, he decided they were a good group. Although what he had not known was that one of them had also found Aprii, which is why both managers work with this unit. 



  • Celebii's name is based on the word "celebrate", which happens to be his favorite word. 
  • Sometimes Celebii will put a big red ball on his face, when doing so, he happens to resemble Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. 

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