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Cross Wingz
Beta Logo
Type Star
User(s) Arata Futaba
Featured Collections 1st Light Collection, "Fate"
Series PriPara: Mirai no Stories

Cross Wingz is a Star type brand used by Arata Futaba. The designer is revealed to be Masato Asukara. During Cyalume Change, the brand's type changes to Lovely. It's first non-canon DCD appearance starts at 1st Light Collection, "Fate"


The designs of Cross Wingz has a mix of cool and cute, a mix of frills and chains, angel wings and bat wings fused, blablabla. This brand shows the two personalities of a person; whether purely cute or purely cool, this brand suits both sides you've never noticed.

Coords Edit


1st Light Collection, "Fate"

2nd Light Collection, "Rivals"

  • Suite Rebel Trip Coord
  • Dove Safari Coord
  • Toucan Guitar Coord
  • Mirai☆Catch Adventure Coord.
  • Mirai☆Catch Team A Cyalume Coord

3rd Light Collection, "Happiness"

  • Merry Rock Coord
  • Bat Megatrick Coord
  • Lil' Baddie Coord
  • Apple Bites Coord
  • Micro Ball-Loon Coord

4th Light Collection, "Wish"

  • Pepper Prank Coord
  • Dolly Bao Coord
  • Cross Star Coord
  • Mirai☆Catch Revolution A Coord

5th Light Collection, "Promise"

  • Revolution Cross Coord
  • Happy Nest Coord
  • Vivid New Coord
  • Believing Horizon Cyalume Coord



  • As of Season 2, Masato has released a Cool spin-off version of the brand named Cross Gear.
  • It becomes inactive as of Season 2, but makes a comeback as of Season 3.
  • According to the series' creator, the themes are wings, birds, dual-tones and adventure.
  • As of Idol Time; Change!! PriPara, this brand is now defunct and has now merged with Cross Gear and


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