Dojou Koizumi is a Debut-class idol in PriPara, and the second member of  Sparkling❤Girls (PikaPikaShoujo). She is the deurotagonist of PriPara: Reach for the Sky!. Her favourite brand is Pop Sunset, and she is a Pop idol.

 Appearance Edit

Dojou casual

Dojou in real life

In real life, Dojou has plain, short black hair, held in a small ponytail. She dresses boyish, in a charcoal-grey t-shirt, white hooded vest, and grey capris, complete with sandals.

In Pripara, her hair is a faint blond, tied into twintails by black ribbons. Her eyes become gold. Her basic coord is a simple light-orange dress with white and yellow trim. she wears brown boots with a rust-red jewel for adornment.

Personality Edit

Dojou is an energetic, care-free girl who gives off an aura of happiness and ease. She often pushes Yuri to do things out of her comfort zone to expand her horizons and make her more confident.

Relations Edit

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Songs Edit

On her own, she sings Happy Diamond. With her team, she sings Party Driver.

History Edit

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Etymology Edit

Her given name, Dojou, means "soil" in Japanese, while her surname, Koizumi, Means "little spring" in Japanese.

Trivia Edit

  • She was born December 1st, and is a Sagittarius.
  • Along with Yuri and Umi, she makes up the 'land' of the sea, sky, land motif.
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