Hikari Amamiya
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Rōmaji Amamiya Hikari
Also Known As Hikari
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Girl
Age 12 years
Height 1,45 metres
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol

Student Maid Café-worker

Affiliation Mer-Maid Café
Personal Status
Relatives Katsumi Amamiya
Voice Actors
Hikari Amamiya (天宮光) is a twelve year old pop type idol from the series PriPara 12 Zodiacs. She's a part of the unit Mer-Maid Café.

Appearance Edit

Hikari's got black, short, spiky hair put back with a pin and busty, long bangs. Her eyes are a little sharp, maple-colored, but with a soft and vivid feel. She's pretty short and under-developed. Her skin is, like her sister, a bit tanned, but not as tanned.

Personality Edit

Hikari is cheeky and childish. She's not very close to her sister, mostly because she want to be independent and not carried throught life. Hikari is a also very tomboyish and from she was five she didn't wear a skirt until she started at her job in the Maid Café and when she started PriPara.

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Songs Edit

Hikari's personal song is I'm Not a Kid.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini

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