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Hoshiko Toujou
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Kanji 登場 星子
Rōmaji Toujou Hoshiko
Also Known As Hoshi-chan
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 13
Eye Color Light purple
Hair Color Light brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Fashion designer
Affiliation Musica Diva
Kirasagi Academy
Personal Status
Relatives Hoshimi Toujou (elder sister)
Anime Tokimeki PriPara ~ Episode 01 - I Became An Idol Better Than Ever! (Cameo)
Voice Actors
Japanese Inori Minase
Hoshiko Toujou (登場 星子 Toujou Hoshiko) is one of the main characters of Tokimeki PriPara and a 7th grader at Kirasagi Academy. She is a Cool-Type idol whose preferred brands are Baby Monster , Holic Trick , Purple Palette and her self-created brand, SHINING☆STYLE.

Appearance Edit

Hoshiko has long light brown hair thing her waist and has more bangs on the left-side and has a big cowlick in the center. She has light purple-coloured innocent-type eyes. While in PriPara, her hair grows an inch more.

Personality Edit

From the beginning of the series, Hoshiko was a calmed and matured girl and didn't use to stay much happy, she only use to give a little smile to anyone she met. She always use to have a serious expression on her face and was too pride on herself.

But from the time, she got to be friends with Rebecca, she lost her sulking and her pride, she became happy and kind.

Relations Edit

Rebecca Aino Edit

Her childhood friend, who later became hey enemy. Both of them had a good friendship but one day, when Hoshiko got to know that Rebecca isn't a much successful idol, she decided to not to be friends with her anymore.

Nozomu Kiraai Edit

Another childhood friend of hers, through she doesn't talks with him much but soon after having happiness back, she started to be a close friend of him as well.

Ririka Yamashita and Ayumi Shirogane Edit

Her friends and teammate in Musica Diva.

Yume Edit

Her mascot.

Coords Edit

Songs Edit

History Edit

Quotes Edit

“What are you fools doing in this big party?”

“It looks like I'm the only one with brain over...”

“Idiots will remain Idiots forever! They can never change!”

Trivia Edit

  • She's the first idol to have for preferred brands on the same time.
  • Her birthday is August 12, which is on one of the days around which Perseids Meteor Shower occur.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her favourite food items are ice-cream and cookies.
  • She is very talented in cooking, decorating food items and fashion designing.
  • She knows a lot of foreign languages like German, French, Spanish etc.
  • She can speak fluent English.
  • Her favourite animals are kittens.

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