Lily Doe
Rōmaji Lily Doe
Also Known As Lily
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Girl
Age 13 years
Height 1,55 metres
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color Hot pink
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol


Affiliation Eternally
Personal Status
Voice Actors

Lily Doe is a 13 year old pop idol and one of the main characters of PriPara 12 Zodiacs. Her main brand is ViviD StaR . She's in the unit Eternally with Krista Todo and Rima Shiba.


Lily has hot pink colored hair styled with buns and ponytails like her favourite anime-character, Sailor Moon, althougt her ponytails go down to her waist in PriPara, and below her shoulders in normal world. She's got sharp, glittering, turquise eyes. When in PriPara she's a bit taller than in normal world.


Lily is a very loud girl. When she gets worked up about something she won't leave it alone, that can sometimes be good other times bad. Despite being only a year younger than Krista and Rima she hasen't been to PriPara for too long. She didn't recieve her PriTicket until she was twelve and she was too scared to go alone, so she didn't go before her upperclassman Krista asked her to bring her something to PriPara before she went for the first time. So despite being in the same team as Krista and Rima she's still in Student Class and has a bit trouble keeping up with them.


  • Krista Todo - Lily is Krista's underclassman and they've known eachother since elementary school and fellow unit member.
  • Rima Shiba - Fellow unit member.


Lily's personal song is Colorful Paradise. Eternally doesn't have a unit song, but they usually perform Make It!

Noticeable coords Edit

ViviD Star Cyalume coord

Her casual coord

Christmas Gift Coord - she wore in a poster


  • Her name is a type of flower.
  • Her Zodiac sign is Cancer.