Mabelle Fujioka
Gender Female
Age 12 years old
Birthday April 29
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink Hair with silver strands
Education Paprika academy
Idol Status
Status Royal Idol
Type princess
Brand Royal Periwinkle
Occupation Idol


Affiliations Angelody
Friends and Family
Siblings Elle Fujioka ( younger sister )
Friends Julia Lily

Bethany Hashimoto

Anime Information
Anime Pri Para: Fairy Dust
Role Main Character
Creator Mabelle.fujioka

Mabelle (also know as Hime-Mabelle) is 12 years old. She started being an idol when is is just 6 years old. She is the top 1 in idol history.

Appearance Edit

she has pink lace hair with silver strands, her height gets taller when she is in pri para, she looks like a teenager when she is in pri para.

Mabelle usually (in Pripara ) wears a princess type cloth /coord , but sometimes she wears a cute,pop,or star type cloth/coord when she performs .

Personality Edit

she is a well known idol, she practices hard everyday, since her role is the princess, she is very serious when you look at her thats why her fans often mistake her as a cool person, but in reality, she really loves to play around in pri para and looking at new coords.

Relations Edit

Family Edit

  • Elle Fujioka

mabelle's younger sister, she is so obsessed with idols, she is LITERALLY an idol wannabe. She often praises her sister


  • Bethany Hashimoto
  • she is Mabelle's neighbor and a 9th grader at Paprika Academy, she became a designer for a stupid reason though... she is the founder of the brand "Mystic Wonders".

Coords Edit

Royal Periwinkle Edit

  • Angelody Unit Coord
  • winter wonderland coord
  • Shining Starz coords

Songs Edit

Solo Edit

  • Freely tomorrow


  • Chanced Meeting

Making Drama Edit

Solo Edit

  • Dancing in the glittering shadows
  • Reigning Sunlight


~ shining pride

~ the angel Princess

Quotes Edit

" we are Angelody! the divine idols!!!"
" you are so crazy if you ever think you'll beat me!!! I am the princess!!!

Trivia Edit

Mabelle's Zodiac sign is Taurus

  • Mabelle's favorite food is cotton candy
  • During the Cyalume Change, Mabelle's aura has pearls and flowers.
  • She doesn't like people who are to clingy.
  • In cyalume change, her style becomes sexy unlike her "princess" type style, it becomes somehow futuristic.

Gallery Edit


Mabelle while singing

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