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Kanji ミライ☆キャッチ!
romaji Mirai ☆ kyatchi!
Universe PriPara: Susume! Mirai no Uta
Members Arata Futaba
Meiyuno Amezono

Glace Aqua Cocytus
Ako Bando

  Mirai☆Catch! is one of the main Idol units in PriPara: Mirai no Stories' first season. It is managed by Bang.

Members Edit

Former/Temporary MembersEdit

  • Arata Futaba - Disappeared during the events of Song Saver, "Dyfodol". She returns at the end of the series.
  • Ako Bando - Arata's replacement for the events of Song Saver, "Dyfodol". She later leaves after she decided to join Allen and Tess to form Sword Daze in order to "help" Alia.

Coords Edit


  • Starry Crimson Coord
  • Suite Rebel Trip Coord
  • Cross Wingz Cyalume Coord
  • Mirai☆Catch Team A Coord




Songs Edit

  • Mira Infinity
  • Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!

Trivia Edit

  • The group's name comes from the title, "PriPara: Susume! Mirai no Uta".
  • All of the member's brands start with the letter C. (Cross Wingz, Compile P♣p, CrysTal DoLL)
  • All of the member's names starts with the letter A (Arata Futaba, Meiyuno Amezono, Glace Aqua Cocytus)
    • This aslo applies to Ako.
  • This is the only unit in the franchise that has two temporary/former members without disbanding.
    • Hokuto joked about this twice throughout the events of the second season.
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