Miyuki Manaka
Also Known As Miyu
Gender Female
Age 13
14 (S2)
Birthday November 11
Eye Color Pink (Brown in PriPara)
Hair Color Dark Brown (Light Pink in PriPara)
Education Paprika Academy
Idol Status
Status Young Notes
Type Star
Brand Angel Wings (Primary)
Occupation Idol
Model (in S2)
Affiliations Young Notes♫ (Center)
Poppin' Bunny (Model)
Angel Wings (Model)
Friends and Family
Siblings Tsumiki Manaka (Older Sister)
Friends Sakaya Mori
Anime Information
Anime PriPara: Shining Star
PriPara: Seven Stars
Role Main Character (S1)
Main Protagonist (S2)
Creator Miki-Prism-Star

Miyuki Manaka is a 13 year old girl (14 in season two) and is the younger sister of Tsumiki Manaka. Miyuki is a Star-Type idol and her main color is light pink and white. She is also the main protagonist in season two of PriPara: Shining Star called PriPara: Seven Stars. Miyuki is in the idol unit Young Notes♫. Her primary brand is Angel Wings. She is also one of the Seven Stars, and represents "Star".


Miyuki is a bit taller than her sister. She has long light pink hair and brown eyes in PriPara, and her normal appearance, she has short dark brown hair and pink eyes like her sister, but Miyuki's eyes are darker. People say that she is as beautiful as her sister and is very charming.

Miyuki usually wears star-type clothing. She wears all kinds of clothes and she has a very good sense of fashion.


Miyuki is a fearless, outgoing yet clumsy girl. She is also a bit of an airhead and loves all things cute. She is more responsible than her sister and takes good care of her. But at times, Miyuki can be stubborn. She loves cute things and colorful things.

Miyuki wants to make people happy, like her sister. She also dreams of become a model, and becomes a model in season two.



Tsumiki is Miyuki's older sister. Miyuki is a fan of her sister and the two of them are very close. She was inspired by her sister to become an idol and a model. Miyuki also models her sisters brand Poppin' Bunny.


Sakaya is Miyuki's best friend. Sakaya is also the younger sister of Airi, Tsumiki's friend. Miyuki and Sakaya are very close and walk with each other to school and back. They are mostly seen with each other.


Angel WingsEdit




Role in the StoryEdit

PriPara: Shining StarEdit

Becoming an IdolEdit

PriPara: Seven StarsEdit

In the second season, Miyuki becomes the new main protagonist, succeeding her elder sister, Tsumiki.

Starting The Search For The Seven StarsEdit

Making DramaEdit


  • Shining Angel Aura
  • Glittering Star


"We are the Seven Stars!"
"Lets Go!"


  • Miyuki becomes the new main protagonist in the second season of PriPara: Shining Star, succeeding her elder sister Tsumiki.
  • During the Cyalume Change, Miyuki's aura is composed of multicolored angel wings, stars, and rose petals.


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