PriPara: Divine Stars
Kanji プリパラ:神の星
romaji Puripara: Kami no Hoshi
Created By JessicaFin23
Theme Friendship, anti-bullying
Season(s) 4

PriPara: Divine Stars is a PriPara fanseries created by User:JessicaFin23.




PriPara: Divine Stars Episodes


Main CharactersEdit

  • Chikako Watanabe - The first main character of the series. She appears to be a cold, emotionless, and aloof girl at first, but she is actually very sweet and caring, albeit slightly shy. Her main brand is Twinkle Cosmic.
  • Sakura Saitou - The second main character of the series. She is outgoing, optimistic, and confident. Her main brand is Cat Storm.
  • Kimiko Nakahara - She has a fondness for Gothic fashion and a penchant for the supernatural. Despite this, she is peaceful, cheerful, and looks at the bright side of things. She likes to be different and artistic in her own way. She embraces her beauty and is confident and classy with her originality. Her main brand is Aurora Girl.
  • Saki Abe - Even though she is sometimes naive, she is always motivated and full of energy. She is very enthusiastic and inquisitive, and has a fairly sunny disposition. She's also very courageous and is never afraid to stand up for the things she loves. Her main brand is Color Splash.
  • Karen Akiyama - She is mostly quiet, and can be somewhat cold-hearted at times. Despite this, she has a few close friends and she loves them dearly. She is a kind person and will generally help anyone who is in trouble. Her main brand is Glamour Fusion.
  • Satomi Cho - She is energetic and friendly, and usually has a confident outlook on life. She's also smart and supportive of her friends. One of her disadvantages is that she can be reckless, sometimes selfish, and always wants attention. She can sometimes get frustrated with things that bother her or when things don't go her way, but she's okay with running into problems in life, because she is always able to solve them through rational thinking. Her main brand is Butterfly Silk.
  • Sora Oshiro - Her main brand is Cloud Doll.
  • Izumi Fujioka - Her main brand is Angel Knight.
  • Jewlie
  • Janice
  • Falulu Vocaldoll
  • Gaaruru Vocaldoll
  • Falala•A•Larm
  • Galala•S•Leep


  • Ice Candy - An idol unit composed of four ninth-grade girls who are considered the "mean girls" of Avocado Academy. Everyone in PriPara calls them "The Sparkling Brats". They are often bullying, disrespecting, and harassing other students in Avocado Academy, especially Michiru, who seems to be their favorite target. When they pick on other kids, especially younger kids, they use very crude language and violent threats, which is not allowed either in or out of PriPara. Chikako and her friends are determined to put an end to Ice Candy's constant bullying and make them leave PriPara for good. 
    • Junko Shimizu - She appears to be sweet, energetic, and plucky when she is first seen in PriPara. However, this is an act; her true personality is rude, selfish, arrogant, and disrespectful. Her main brand is Dream Dancer.
    • Chinatsu Oshiro - She is disrespectful, arrogant, and obnoxious, and she constantly tends to get in fights with others. Her main brand is Ocean Bird.
    • Akari Serizawa - She is stubborn, irritating, and often does things that offend others. Her main brand is Gold Geisha.
    • Daina Koizumi - She is very selfish and a huge liar, often making up stories that are hard to believe in order to gain attention from fans. Her main brand is Sweet Diva.
  • Kaito Kaetsu - A boy who has a huge crush on Chikako (whom he calls "Chika-senpai"), to the point where he constantly tries to get her attention through seemingly romantic gestures, pesters her to love him, and stalks her to the point where he just won't leave her alone. This makes Chikako extremely annoyed, and she always tries to get him to stop, but he doesn't listen. When he keeps pestering her, she gets her unit teammates or her fanclub to make him stop. His main brand is Hyper Dragon.
  • Nozomi Jinnouchi - A former idol who is a master of disguise and always caused trouble when she was in PriPara. She is a huge liar and often pretends that the trouble she caused wasn't her fault. She also insulted and offended other idols for no good reason other than to just make them mad. Her horrible behavior is what led to her getting repeatedly kicked out of PriPara before finally being expelled from Avocado Academy for good and sent to the Ookanda Boot Camp for Wayward Idols. Her main brand was Moonrise Queen.
  • Renma Inukai - He appears to be playful and friendly at first, but this is just an act; his true personality is aggressive, apathetic, aloof, and unkind. His main brand is Wild Dog.
  • Shinobu Bando - A non-binary idol who appears to be calm, gentle, kind, and friendly at first. However, this is an act; their true personality is vicious, impulsive, selfish, and callous. Their main brand is Myth World.


  • Luna: A purple and blue owl who is Chikako's manager. She ends her sentences with "~lun".
  • Pixie: A pink and white cat who is Sakura's manager. She ends her sentences with "~mew".
  • Trixy: A black bat who is Kimiko's manager. She ends her sentences with "~hora".
  • Zorro: A red fox who is Saki's manager. He ends his sentences with "~oro".
  • Orion: An orange-red phoenix who is Karen's manager. He ends his sentences with "~atsui wa".
  • Venus: A purple butterfly who is Satomi's manager. She ends her sentences with "~sa".
  • Otto: An orange otter who is Sora's manager. He ends his sentences with "~toto".
  • Tallulah: A white dove who is Izumi's manager. She ends her sentences with "~kedo".

Supporting CharactersEdit





Twinkle CosmicEdit

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Chikako Watanabe

Cat StormEdit

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Sakura Saitou

Aurora GirlEdit

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Kimiko Nakahara

Color SplashEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Saki Abe

Glamour FusionEdit

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Karen Akiyama

Butterfly SilkEdit

Type: Natural

Main User(s): Satomi Cho

Cloud DollEdit

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Sora Oshiro

Angel KnightEdit

Type: Premium

Main User(s): Izumi Fujioka

Dream DancerEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Junko Shimizu

Ocean BirdEdit

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Chinatsu Oshiro

Gold GeishaEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Akira Serizawa

Sweet DivaEdit

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Daina Koizumi

Hyper DragonEdit

Type: Premium

Main User(s): Kaito Kaetsu

Moonrise QueenEdit

Type: Ethic/Celeb

Main User(s): Nozomi Jinnouchi

Wild DogEdit

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Renma Inukai

Myth WorldEdit

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Shinobu Bando

Graffiti LegendEdit

Type: Natural

Main User(s): Aishi Dotani

Snow LadyEdit

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Lily・Star・Gazer

Silky CrownEdit

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Akatsuki Yokoyama

Dance PartyEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Sakura Sakamoto

Space PartyEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Melody Hashimoto

Stardust ConcertoEdit

Type: Celeb/Pop

Main User(s): Karina Fujimoto

Retro LifeEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Yuki Chiaki

Dreamy SonataEdit

Type: Premium

Main User(s): Mia Okumura

Cosmic LadyEdit

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Lilac Yamauchi

Lion QueenEdit

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Momoka Momozono

Radio LoliEdit

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Erika Aokawa

Snowy NightsEdit

Type: Sweet

Main User(s): Satomi Nakahara


Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Chris Haramu

Medieval ButterflyEdit

Type: Cute

Main User(s): Jasmine Watanuki

White BeachEdit

Type: Natural

Main User(s): Tsukiko Hino

Symphony CrownEdit

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Mareka Saito

Sunrise RainEdit

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Miki Hoshizora

Bohemian StardustEdit

Type: Special

Main User(s): Haruyuki Shinoda

Dance GemEdit

Type: Cute/Cool

Main User(s): Sakuka Suzuki

Rainbow MiracleEdit

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Aidoru Rinbayashi

Fantasy KeiEdit

Type: Special

Main User(s): Nadia Rikimaru

Wild CherryEdit

Type: Ethnic

Main User(s): Himari Royama

Meow StreetEdit

Type: Natural/Celeb

Main User(s): Mimi Ogami

Royal CrownEdit

Type: Cute

Main User(s): Yume Daimon

Fairy KnightEdit

Type: Star

Main User(s): Mikuru Aihara

Holic BloomEdit

Type: Passion

Main User(s): Hinata Rikimaru

Techno WolfEdit

Type: Ethnic

Main User(s): Naito Kanda

Animal TrickEdit

Type: Ethnic/Pop

Main User(s): Muji Anabuki

Stone SpadeEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Kenji Akiyama

Magic StorybookEdit

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Sachiko Akiyama




  • Most of the characters in this series are based on real-life Wikia/FANDOM contributors.
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