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PriPara: Mirai no Stories
Kanji プリパラ:未来の物語
romaji PuriPara:Mirai no Monogatari
Created By NightBellRose
Theme S1:Virtues, Wings
Season(s) 3
No. of Episodes/Chapters S1: 62 (Main), 5 (Side)

S2: 65

Opening Theme S1:Mirai Botan
Daisuki dattara Daijoubu
Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou

S2:Take My Brave
Kyōkai no Kanata
S3: Mirai Ticket
With You

Ending Theme S1:Mira Infinity
Humming Friend

S2:Mattete Ai no Uta
Delusion Catharsis
Aozora Train
Harukaze ~ You were here ~

Affiliated Series Tokyo Street PriPara (sequel)
Idol Time: Change! PriPara (sequel)
PriPara: The Future is Here! The Memoir of Miracles! (sequel)

PriPara: Mirai no Stories is a written PriPara fan series created by NightBellRose. It is a trilogy series, revolving Arata and her friends as they discover who they really are, as an Idol and as a person.

The genres are comedy, drama, action and shoujo.

Plot Edit

Season 1- Susume! Mirai no Uta Edit

Arata Futaba is a student of Tomadoi Academy, a school known for their music, until it shut down. So Arata was forced to transfer to Paprika Academy. Suprisingly, she accidentally picked up a PriTicket in the school grounds, which Headmistress Gloria caught her red-handed. But on her way home, she found another PriTicket with a note attached to it, saying to go to Prism Stone. As a new idol, Arata has a lot to learn.

Join Arata as she makes new friends and rivals along the way. A new song starts. Now!

Season 2- Song Savers, "Dyfodol" Edit

A year has passed since Arata disappeared, and a lot seem to happened. Mirai☆Catch! seems to have a new member, new brands have been made, but for Masato, it didn't felt the same. But one day, he felt that something bad is going to happen...

For Allen, an amnesiac and a street artist, and Tess, a run away talented musician who accompanies Allen. Both of them strive to become number one in the music industry, but when Masato introduces them to PriPara, the wheels of fate began turning...

Season 3- Future Encore! Edit

Few months have passed, and Arata seems to back to her normal, prankster self. But with the reveal of the Kami Idol Prix, Mirai☆Catch!, Uta▷Hime, Tess and Ako are eager enter. But the same time, the World Prism Cup just began!

With conflicts and decisions about the future, will everyone join the Kami Idol Prix, or will they shine even more at the World Prism Cup?! The final stage, begins!

Season 1 Edit

Main CharactersEdit

Secondary Characters

  • Sho Futaba - Arata's foster older brother. He's against Arata from becoming an Idol. 
  • Tsukasa Futaba - Arata's foster father. He acts more mother-like and knows that Arata is an Idol.
  • Masato Asukara - Arata's new friend as well as Sho's classmate. He is fond of teasing Arata.
  • Ibuki Hoshikawa - Meiyuno's friend. They met at the park.
  • Henji Monbusho - Glace's neighbor. He once had a crush on her sister, Stella. After her death, he agreed to help Glace create coords. 
  • Sil Ver - A spirit that is currently sealed in Meiyuno's body.
  • Anya Pieri - Hokuto and Kazumi's senior. She is Masato's aunt.


  • Bang- The mascot of Arata and Mirai☆Catch!. He is an Alaskan Malamute. 
  • Reol- The mascot of Hokuto, Kazumi and Uta▷Hime. She is a Bakeneko with the ability to transform into a human. 

Recurring Characters

  • Laala Manaka- The main character of the original PriPara and Arata's classmate. She became a Top Idol and showed everyone that anyone can be an Idol. She is really sociable and loud. Her main brand is Twinkle Ribbon.
  • Mirei Minami-The head disciplinarian at Paprika Private Academy and a Top Idol. She acts as the teacher at the PriPara Training Academy. Her main brand is Candy Alamode.
  • Gloria Ookanada - The headmistress of Paprika Private Academy. She previously forbade the elementary students from becoming Idols until she had a change in heart. She took Arata's first PriTicket for no reason. 
  • Sophie Hojo - A well-respected Top Idol who from time to time, switches personalities just by eating pickled plums, which is called a "Red Flash". She is often helped by her fan club. Her main brand is Holic Trick.

Minor Characters

  • Tsukiko - A 6-year old girl who loves Glace. In Season 2, she finally turns 7 and receives her very first PriTicket. She uses Holic Trick.
  • Ririn - Meiyuno's classmate, she becomes an Idol during Chapter 17 and uses Twinkle Ribbon.
  • Stella Fleuve Cocytus - Glace's older sister. She died prior to the series. She was also the creator of Glace's brand, CrysTal DoLL.
  • Taiyou Ōzora - Leader of the "club" Hokuto and Kazumi are in. His handheld name is "Sunburn"
  • Isao Hekireki - Hokuto's classmate and Kazumi's stalker. He's very friendly, but in reality, he's afraid of women
  • Yuyuo - An old friend of Arata from Tomadoi Academy.


OPs Edit

  1. Mirai Botan - Opening theme for Chapters 01 to 25. (Used in Chapters 01, 03, 08, 10, 19 & 60)
  2. Daisuki dattara Daijoubu - Opening theme for Chapters 26 to Chapter 41. (Used in Chapters 26 & 51)
  3. Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou - Opening theme for Chapters 42 to 60. (Used in Chapter 50)

EDs Edit

  1. Mira Infinity (Chapter 01 - Chapter 45)
  2. Humming Friend (Chapter 46 - 60)

Insert Songs Edit

  • Fly High! - Meiyuno's 1st song
  • More Soul! Continue - Arata's 1st song
  • Frozen Doll - Glace's 1st song
  • ETERNAL BLAZE - Hokuto's 1st song
  • Zettai Kaichou Sengen? - Arata's 2nd song
  • High-Touch☆Memory - Kazumi's 1st song
  • Usamaro Hunter - Arata's 3rd song
  • HP ∞ LOVE Power - Glace's 2nd song
  • Baby Sweet Berry Love - Kazumi's 2nd song
  • MY RULE - Chiarah's 1st song
  • Re:Call - SoLaMi Dressing's unit song
  • Bright Stream - Hokuto's 2nd song
  • Wonder Nanda? Kataomoi - Chiarah's 2nd song
  • Tinkling Smile - Kazumi's 3rd song
  • Most Pure Brave Lady - Meiyuno's 2nd song
  • Koi wa U la ha LOVE - Glace 's 3rd song
  • UNCHAIN∞WORLD - Hokuto's 3rd song
  • High Free Spirits - Uta▷Hime's unit song

Recurring Songs Edit

  • Idol Strength♥Lesson GO!
  • Dream Parade
  • Change My World
  • Reversible Ring
  • Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo
  • Miracle☆Paradise
  • Make It!
  • Solar Flare Sherbet
  • Pure・Amore・Love
  • Panic Labyrinth
  • No D&D Code
  • Realize
  • Hello Hello Friends
  • Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday
  • ThankYou♥Birthday
  • 0-Week-Old (Arranged Ver.)
  • Absolute Life of a final show Girl
  • Gamusharanhoi


Chapter Song Used
Chapter 01- A new idol...Me?! Mirai Botan (Duo)
Chapter 02 - Train! Ready Go! Idol Strength♥Lesson GO!
Chapter 03 - Pair Up! Mirai Botan (Solo)
Chapter 04 - Compile Ameno Fly High!
Chapter 05 - Kashikoma desu! SoLaMi is Here! Dream Parade
Chapter 06 - EH?! Mirei-tan's Birthday! More Soul! Continue
Chapter 07 - Uwah! The Ice Idol Appears! Frozen Doll
Chapter 08 - Secrets to be No.1! Mirai Botan (Duo)
Chapter 09 - Ambitions and Pandas...Wait what? Change My World
Chapter 10 - Our Duo! Let's Go, PriPara! Mira Infinity (Duo)
Chapter 11 - The Ice Idol's Promise Frozen Doll

More Soul! Continue

Chapter 12 - Rain, Rain....Run Away?! Fly High!
Chapter 13 - Angel and Devil! Aromageddon has Descend! More Soul! Continue
Reversible Ring
Chapter 14 - The Ice Idol is Cursed with Fever, -devi! Reversible Ring
Chapter 15 - Let's Begin! Our Trio! Mira Infinity (Trio)
Chapter 16 - How to Cure a Sadist Fly High!
Chapter 17 - Woah! The Sexy Girl of Roses! ETERNAL BLAZE
Chapter 18 - Invite and Play! Zettai Kaichou Sengen?
Chapter 19 - Here Comes Friday the 13th! High-Touch☆Memory
Chapter 20 - Happy Halloween! Terror Scramble! Mirai Botan (Duo)

Mira Infinity (Trio)

Chapter 21 - The Majestic Beauty, Sophie! Solar Flare Sherbet
Chapter 22 - The Majestic Beauty's Secret?! More Soul! Continue
Solar Flare Sherbet
Chapter 23 - SoLaMi Shining! Miracle☆Paradise
Chapter 24 - Family Time! The Brilliant NEET! None
Chapter 25 - Family Time Part 2! Reunion ETERNAL BLAZE
Chapter 26 - Our Family Song! Uta▷Hime! High Free Spirits
Chapter 27 - EH? The Sprinkle Trio Cup?! High Free Spirits
Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!
Chapter 28 - Absolutely No! The Cat's Out of the Bag! None
Chapter 29 - The Futaba Family Resolve! Usamaro Hunter
Chapter 30 - Fragile Moments of The Ice Idol! Frozen Doll
Chapter 31 - Shine Forth! The Ice Idol's New Stage! HP ∞ LOVE Power
Chapter 32 - Safari Trip! Everyone Gets Lost?! High-Touch☆Memory
Chapter 33 - A Break Isn't Bad...Right? None
Chapter 34 - What?! The Units are No More?! Make It!
Reversible Ring
Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo
Chapter 35 - In Search of My Magical Garden High-Touch☆Memory
Chapter 36 - The Secret of My Curse Baby Sweet Berry Love
Chapter 37 - The Path to Radiance Pure・Amore・Love
Chapter 38 - Bright ARC Pure・Amore・Love


Chapter 39 - True Radiance MY RULE
Chapter 40 - A New Teacher?! Da Vinci's Code! Panic Labyrinth
Chapter 41 - Rock FES! Go! Dressing Pafé! No D&D Code
Change! My World
Absolute Life of a final show Girl
Chapter 42 - Rock FES! In Trouble?! Re:Call
Chapter 43 - Hokuto's Family None
Chapter 44 - Hokuto's New Family Bright Stream
Chapter 45 - What are you doing, Ajimi-sensei?! Panic Labyrinth
Chapter 46 - We Are! IDOLS! Iris Cup ☆! Humming Friend
Chapter 47 - School Breakout! Time to Wing It! (Or Not) Panic Labyrinth
Chapter 48 - Marionette For You! Gaaruru and Faruru! 0-Week-Old (Arranged Ver; Duo)
Chapter 49 - Laala! Prism Voice! Make It!
Dream Parade
Chapter 50 - Little Snowman None
Chapter 51 - We Wish You A Merry PriPara Christmas! Kashikoma! Realize
Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou
Hello Hello Friends (All Stars Ver.)
Chapter 52 - Tanabata! Count Down To Ameno's Birthday! Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!
Chapter 53 - Happy Birthday! For You! Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday (SoLaMageddon Mi Ver.)
ThankYou♥Birthday (SoLaMi Smile + Mirai☆Catch! Ver.)
Chapter 54 - Commercial Time! All Out of Gum?! Gamusharanhoi
Chapter 55 - Countdown to the End, PriPara's Ending?! Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou
Solar Flare Sherbet
Chapter 56 - The Story of Cyalume Change PURE Re:Call
Chapter 57 - The Curtains of Brilliance, My Light Wonder Nanda? Kataomoi
Chapter 58 - Fear is Gone, My Strength Tinkling Smile
Chapter 59 - Not Alone, My Courage Most Pure Brave Lady
Chapter 60 - Resound, My Love! Koi wa U la ha LOVE
Chapter 61 - Bound to No Rules, My Freedom UNCHAIN∞WORLD
Chapter 62 - For the Future, My Life More Soul! Continue
Mirai Botan (Arata + Laala Duo)

The Special Chapters Edit

As of Chapter 17, a special episode called the "Point two episodes". There are only five "episode", with the last one being the epilogue for the Season.

The first four episodes are mainly about Hibiki Shikyoin, Falulu Bokerdole and Fuwari Midorikaze as they form Tricolore.

Chapter Song Used
Chapter 17.2 - Enter! The Girl from the Palps! Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo
Chapter 27.2 - Welcome Back! Faruru! 0-Week-Old (Arranged Ver.)
Chapter 37.2 - For Garuru's Happiness! 0-Week-Old (Arranged Ver.)
Chapter 47.2 - A Little Feud Between Friends 0-Week-Old (Arranged Duo Ver.)
Come and Join This Song-Hee-Hoo (Duo)
Pure・Amore・Love (Trio ver.)
Chapter 61.2 - A New Unknown Future None

Season 2Edit

*Note that all of the characters in Season 1 return in this season, except for Arata.

Main Characters


  • Yurei- The mascot of Allen and Tess. She is a ghost who looks like a puppet version of Kuma. She is somehow collecting weird crystals.


  • Grave Soshiki - A street fighter. He once picked a fight with Allen after she accidentaly walked in his territory with Tess, and now the two are buddies. He is often teased by Allen, stating that he likes Tess. In retort, he calls Allen a lesbian, stating that she has a crush on Tess.
  • Gin Bando - Ako's father. He is a woodcarver. According to him, Ako's mother died due to lung cancer.
  • Hirano Shikubi- Ako's classmate. She is a talented sketch-ist, as well as the head designer of Cheer!Parade.


  • Hirari Kirari - The first victim of the Darkness Coords.
  • Kota - The fourth victim of the Darkness Coords.
  • Diane - The fifth victim of the Darkness Coords


  ⚬Pull:Vitae- are a group of mysterious individuals who want to turn PriPara into a dark wonderland. All of them are Vestiges.

  • Dativa- A haughty and sexy woman who is a member of Pull:Vitae. She can shape shift. She uses Tenebris Night.
  • Alia Aternosa- The boy who is given the task to corrupt PriPara Coords. Seems to have a certain hatred towards Allen. As of Chapter 21 of Season 2, he uses Tenebris Swallowtail. As a Vestige, his power is illusion and corrosion control.
  • Corvus Pagos- The man in charge of altering the colours of a coord for Darkness Coords. He is often seen wearing a straw hat despite how warm his working space is. As of Chapter 21 of Season 2, he has now created three brands named Tenebris HeartTenebris Swallowtail, and Tenebris Night, which he made for each member of Pull:Vitae. As a Vestige, his power is speed and depictukinesis.
  • Latale - Pull:Vitae's spy.
  • Mideniko- Leader of Pull:Vitae. She is very sick and is often on a wheelchair. She uses Tenebris Heart. As a Vestige, her power is giving nightmares and fear to others.


  • Hanarobei Family - Tess' family. They like to manipulate her like a marionette by forcing her to learn how to play every instrument and thus she ran away because they set up an arrange marriage for her.

Music (Season 2) Edit

OPs Edit

  1. Take My Brave - Opening theme for Chapters 01 to 22.
  2. Re:Call - Opening theme for Chapters 23 to 34. Alternates with Reincarnation for every even numbered Chapter.
  3. Reincarnation - Opening theme for every odd numbered chapter, starting from Chapter 35. Alternates with Re:Call.
  4. Kyōkai no Kanata - Opening theme for Chapters 46 to 51. Afterwards, Re:Call and Reincarnation returns as the Openings.

NOTE: After Chapter 63, there are no Opening Themes used.


  1. Mattete Ai no Uta
  2. Misterioso - Ending theme for Chapters 31 to 34. Returns as the ending theme for Chapters 42 and 46.
  3. Delusion Catharsis
  4. Kyōkai no Kanata - Ending theme used in the last episode.

Insert Songs Edit

  • Savior of Song
  • My Dear
  • Sparkling
  • Yoake to Hotaru
  • D
  • Clock Strikes
  • starlog
  • Aspirin
  • Tokyo Pleasure Ground
  • Hello Strobe
  • Colorful
  • Miracle! Portable☆Mission
  • Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare
  • Kokoro to Iu Namae no Mihakken no Zouki no Kibou ni Tsuite no Kousatsu

Recurring SongsEdit

  • Sing A Song That'll Make the World Fall in Love
  • Mon Chouchou
  • Purely Smiley
  • Triangle Star
  • Bring Back the Idols!
  • All Idol Song Precious♪

Chapters (Season 2) Edit

Chapter Song Used
Chapter 01 - The Winds of the Unknown Future Savior of Song (Acapella ver.)
Chapter 02 - Introducing the World of PriPara! Again! Mira Infinity (Trio)
High Free Spirits 
My Dear
Chapter 03 - Be My....Darkness?! My Dear
Chapter 04 - Ajimi-sensei's Graffiti Time! Panic Labyrinth
My Dear
Chapter 05 - Spirited Away My Dear
Chapter 06 - Mirai, No Catch?! Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!
Chapter 07 - SOPHIE!!! Solar Flare Sherbet (Duo)
Chapter 08 - The Child Who Admired Her Sparkling
Chapter 09 - Rivals! SELF CONTROL (Allen + Ako Ver.)
Chapter 10 - The Maiden Of Pure...Love? Sing A Song That'll Make the World Fall in Love
Chapter 11 - It's Best to Forget The Unnecessary Things None
Chapter 12 - Ghost Format My Dear
Chapter 13 - Should We Dance? SELF CONTROL (Allen + Tess Ver.)
Chapter 14 - Mikan's Gluton Problems  Purely☆Smiley
Take My Brave
Chapter 15 - One, Two, Three! My Song For You! Mon Chouchou
Chapter 16 - Another Heart None
Chapter 17 - Paintër Panic Labyrinth 
My Dear
Chapter 18 - Darkness Crisis! My Dear
Take My Brave
Yoake To Hotaru
Chapter 19 - Another Darkness D
Chapter 20 - Emmisaries of Darkness, Pull:Vitae D
Chapter 21 - Darkness Battle D
Take My Brave
Chapter 22 - D as in Defeat None
Chapter 23 - Re:Call of SoLaMi♡Dressing! Re:Call
Chapter 24 - My Heart Wave Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!
Chapter 25 - Kashikoma! Chan, Chan, Chance! Triangle・Star
Chapter 26 - Clock Strikes to Where? Clock Strikes
Chapter 27 - The Queen of Darkness! Tenebris Heart! starlog
Chapter 28 - To D-------, Will I f---?

To Darkness, Will I fall?

Tokyo Pleasure Ground
Chapter 29 - Corruption Hello Strobe
Chapter 30 - Chit-chat for Once, Alia & Ako None
Chapter 31 - Fight Back! Healing Darkness~!! SELF CONTROL (Mirai☆Uta ver.)
Bring Back the Idols!
Hello Stobe
Chapter 32 - Wedding March, Tess' Resolve! Clock Strikes
Watashi no Aru
Chapter 33 - Saving You. The Thing Called Love Colorful (Acapella ver.)
Miracle! Portable☆Mission
Chapter 34 - We Are One! All Idol Song Precious♪
(Our Light ver.)
Chapter 35 - In Search of Yurei and The Secret of the Luminous Crystals! Colorful
Chapter 36 - Crystal Hunt! Off to PriPari! Mon Chouchou
Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare
Chapter 37 - Where The Heart Truly Resides HEART WAVE
Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare
Chapter 38 - Remembering You. The Future's Past Step! ZERO to ONE
Chapter 39 - Declaration of War! Dominator
Butterfly Core
Chapter 40 - Our Brave Vow Happy☆Song (Trio ver.)
Take My Brave
Chapter 41 - Siblings of PriPara Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!
Twin mirror♥compact
Chapter 42 - Longing, Searching, and Reaching; The Truth My Longing
Chapter 43 - Life of A Pull:Vitae Leader None
Chapter 44 - Confessions None
Chapter 45 - A Song to Remember None
Chapter 46 - The Battle Begins! Marble
Chapter 47 - Dativa vs. Tess; To Love or To Be Loved? KiLLER LADY
Kokoro to Iu Namae no Mihakken no Zouki no Kibou ni Tsuite no Kousatsu
Chapter 48 - Ako and Alia; From Friends to Strangers Friends☆Jet Coaster (Solo ver.)
Butterfly Core
Chapter 49 - The Final Solution Millions of Bravery
Chapter 50 - Twin's Effect Misterioso (Duo ver.)
Delusion Catharsis
Chapter 51 - Union, Unity, Unicorn..? Miracle! Portable☆Mission (Quad -failed- ver.)
Reincarnation (Quad ver.)
Chapter 52 - Dyfodol Miracle! Portable☆Mission (Quad -Success- ver.)
Chapter 53 - Take My Brave Take My Brave
Chapter 54 - Eternally Yours Butterfly Core
Friends☆Jet Coaster (Alia + Ako ver.)
Chapter 55 - The Grey Idol Dear Doppelganger
Delusion Catharsis
Chapter 56 - Fantasies, Illusions, and The Truth None
Chapter 57 - The Final Hour! The Song for The World MY LIBERATION
Kokoro to Iu Namae no Mihakken no Zouki no Kibou ni Tsuite no Kousatsu
Friends☆Jet Coaster (Solo ver.)
Chapter 58 - A Little Piece of Hope Marble
Chapter 59 - Out of Darkness, The True Final Boss! The One Winged Angel
Chapter 60 - Bravery! PriPara's Radiant Light! Millions of Bravery
All Idol Song Precious♪ (Our Light ver.)
Chapter 61 - Savior of Song Savior of Songs
Chapter 62 - Peace. The Thing We Achieved Savior of Songs
Chapter 63 - Our Last Moments Colorful
Chapter 64 - Beyond Our Boundary Delusion Catharsis (Allen + Tess ver.)
Chapter 65 - Goodbye, My Little Memory; Goodnight, My Little Melody Kyōkai no Kanata

Season 3Edit

*Note that all of the characters in Season 1 & 2 return in this season, except for Allen, Alia, Yurei and Pull:Vitae.

New Main Character



Chapter Song Used
Chapter ZERO - Wake Up; The Sound of the Future None
Chapter 01 - The Return of Arata! Mirai Ticket
Chapter 02 - The Path to Recover! Let's Go, Mirei! Pe~rfect with Pri
Chapter 03 - Shining Smiles to Each One of Us Make a miracle!
My Longing
Chapter 04 - The New Guy's in Town! Mirai Ticket
Chapter 05 - Song of Liberation! MY LIBERATION (Neon -Cool Mode- ver.)
Chapter 06 - Laala's New Baby, Jewlulu?! Ready Smile!!
Chapter 07 - Raindrop Days Tinkling Smile
Chapter 08 - Kami? An Idol Challenge? Triangle・Star
Ready Smile!!
Chapter 09 - Non Non No! Steps -brandnew myself-
Chapter 10 - Big, Big Announcement! The World Prism Cup is Open?! Tooi Ongaku ~Heartbeat~
Chapter 11 - Rivalry Sparking in Each One of Us. Yesterday's Friend Is Today's Enemy! Run♪ for Jumping!
Chapter 12 - Conflict! Tension Heal Time! Kore Kara
Chapter 13 - Butterfly, Star & Flower Kore Kara
Chapter 14 - Lost Bonds That Mend Friends☆Jet Coaster (MiraiUta ver)
Chapter 15 - Open! World Prism Cup! Wonder Nanda? Kataomoi
Tinkling Smile
My Longing
Make a miracle!
Chapter 16 - Miracle Maker Rinne TESTAMENT
Yomei Mikka Shoujo
Retry Rendezvous
Mirai Ticket
Chapter 17 - The PriPari Brigade Attack! Mon Chouchou
Chapter 18 - Baby Jewlulu! A Journey Gone Wrong Yoake to Hotaru

Run♪ for Jumping!

Ready Smile!!

Chapter 19 -
Chapter 20 -
Chapter 21 -
Chapter 22 -
Chapter 23 -
Chapter 24 -
Chapter ??? - The Greatest Gift of All
Chapter ??? - Farewell, Parajuku! The Grand Finale is Here!
Final Chapter - A Button that Draws the Pages of the Future  Mirai Botan (Non-performance ver.)

Terms Used Edit

  • Cyalume Change PURE - Another yet more powerful form of Cyalume Change.
  • Darkness Coords - Are corrupted versions of coords. They all have negative colours to their original.
  • Purity - A way to purify Darkness Coords. 
  • Luminous Crystals - Are strange stones that are collected by Yurei after performances. Their purpose is currently unknown. 
  • Jukebox - The small thing that Allen swallowed, causing her voice to change every now and then. It seems that Pull:Vitae are looking for this... 
  • Cyalume Beat Set- Are introduced in Season 2. They are the other form of a Performance Microphone that which can take the form of a Performance Headset, a Musica Instrument or can extend and turn into a microphone stand. They activate when the Idol reaches the climax of his or her performance, depending on the audiences' mood. 
  • Vestiges - Are souls of former Idols who died and have physical bodies. Vestiges are considered evil and dangerous, as they can "corrupt" other Idols. Each Vestige has a special ability.
  • Modulation Switch - Neon's special ability, wherein he can switch Idol types by inserting one of seven special Prism Stone in his Idol Watch.
  • Stones - Are six heart shaped gems that allows Neon to change Idol types.
  • Prism Encore - A special live that is introduced in Season 3. To whoever activates it, it grants the idol or idols their Encore Prism Rare Coords.

Difference Edit

These are several things that differs from the original PriPara series:

  • All of the members of SoLaMi♡Dressing have reached the Top Idol Ranking.
  • Hibiki is no longer an antagonist in Season 1 of this series, as this series' timeline takes place during Season 2 of the original series.
  • Tricolore is formed in Season 2 of this series, which takes place before Season 3 of the original series.
  • Triangle doesn't exist in Season 3 of this series, as Non uses her current PriPara form and her brand is Twinkle Ribbon Sweet.
  • Rosette Jewel is only used by Jewlie and Neon in this series' Season 3, as Triangle never existed.
  • Hibiki is no longer afraid of sentence enders, but she is still afraid of Ajimi.
  • Pretty Rhythm is now a clothing line rather than a brand. 
  • Andou does not wear the goat suit anymore.
  • Jewlie and Janice are only mentioned in Season 3 of this series, as they both don't have an important role in this series' Season 3.
  • Chiri uses Dear Crown as her first brand.
  • Prior to the events of Season 3 of this series, which shares the same timeline as Season 3 of the original series, Gaarumageddon has debuted.
  • The Idol Watch was used. It doesn't appear until Idol Time PriPara, which in the timeline shows that Season 3 of this series takes place as the original series' Season 3.


NBR Spoiler "You are entering a spoiler zone!" This page, PriPara: Mirai no Stories, belongs to Night and is part of the storyline, PriPara: Mirai no Stories. Read on at your own risk and avoid being eaten by Garuru in the process!


  • The phones they use are called "PriPass Flip".
  • All main characters from the original series appear as supporting characters. However, they also perform.
  • The season progresses in terms of the story's mood. S1 is light hearted and comedic, S2 is more darker and serious, and S3 is dramatic and mature, yet comedic is some way.
  • Grave Soshiki is the only non-Idol male character to perform.
  • Dyfodol means "future" in Welsh.
  • Chapter ZERO of Season 3 takes place directly after Season 2, while the first episode takes place a few months after that.
  • Season 1 is the only season not to feature an antagonist.
  • The Rinne of this series is not the same with the Rinne from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.
  • The final chapter's ending has all of the openings mentioned in descending order, from --- to Mirai Botan.
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