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PriPara: The Future Here! The Memoir of Miracles!
Kanji プリパラ: 未来はここ!奇跡の回顧録!
romaji PriPara: Mirai wa koko! Kiseki no kaiko-roku!
Created By NightBellRose
Season(s) 1
No. of Episodes/Chapters 51
Ending Theme Kiseki Hikaru (Finale)
Affiliated Series PriPara: Mirai no Stories (prequel)
Idol Time: Change! PriPara (prequel)
Tokyo Street PriPara (prequel)

PriPara: The Future Here! The Memoir of Miracles! is the sequel to Tokyo Street PriPara and serves as the finale of NightBellRose's PriPara fanon series. It is a movie divided into five arcs, which each arc centering a group of main characters from the previous series.

Plot Edit

Arc 1 - The Princess' Song Edit

"Shortly after the incident in Tokyo, Arata decides to visit Parajuku and meet up with her old friends. To her surprise, almost all of them don't remember who she is. She teams up with her new friends to find out what happened..."

Arc 2 - Maiden's Savior Edit

"Tess, who has now living her life as a housewife and a mother, is led to believe that Allen and Alia never existed. One day, sparkling stones started raining down, with each stone holding precious memories of previous Idols. Tess starts her journey to return them all..."

Arc 3 - Love Connects Like A Rainbow Edit

"Rinne was able to reunite with Neon, but shortly falls into a coma. It turns out that she is suffering the same illness as Neon's brother. Now on a tight budget, Neon must make the ultimate choice; to save the love of his life or to save his beloved brother."

Arc 4 - Union Argolya Edit

"After Tess successfully delivered the sparkling stones back to their owners, no one seems to remember the past. Meanwhile, Arata meets up with Cosmos, who tells her that they must make the most outstanding performance in order for everyone to remember. However, an evil presence has entered and wouldn't stop at nothing to wipe out everyone's memories, even if it has to do with brutal methods..."

Finale - My Future Is With You Edit

"The curtains has finally risen, but only one Idol is left to save PriPara. Now, Arata performs for the last time!"

Trivia Edit

  • Argolya means ring or loop in Tagalog.
  • Two of the titles are based on different songs.
    • Maiden's Savior is based on Nano's Savior of Song
    • My Future Is With You is based on Straightener's The Future Is Now.
  • In the final part of Finale, Arata can no longer enter PriPara. It will be explained later.
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