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Kanji プリパィア
romaji puripaia
Created By Cure Fluffy
Theme Ancient Rome
No. of Episodes/Chapters 50
Opening Theme PriPire On Stage!
Ending Theme Salve! Shining Idol Time

PriPire (プリパィア PuriPaia, aka Pretty Rhythm Empire or Prism Empire) is a PriPara fanseries where the main idols are based on Roman emperors.


After a few encounters and twists of fate, passionate Julia is determined to make shrinking violet Claudia a successful PriPara idol. Their adventures lead to new friends, irrepressible rivals, exciting adventures, plans in varying degrees of craziness, and a mysterious plot hatched by some mascots to bring back the mysterious Prism Empire, or PriPire for short. And they'll need the Empresses' help to do it.


PriPara EmpressesEdit

Brand: Mahou-Hime
A mysterious idol with strong star quality. She is the Empress of Star and she is based on Vespasian.

Golden EaglesEdit

Brand: Peach Blossom
Helped by a bad limp and stammer, among various other impediments, Claudia has barely any confidence whatsoever and is bullied repeatedly. She is the Empress of Lovely and she is based on Claudius.

Brand: Fish Pie
Julia is the Empress of Pop. Although kind at times she can be rash and ever so slightly psychotic, particularly where videogames are concerned. She is based on Julius Caesar.

Brand: DV8!
When bored, the Empress of Ethnic (i.e. Adrienne) tends to like building walls out of Lego and has a random hatred for Scottish people. She is based on Hadrian.

PriPara FiestaEdit

Brand: La Femme
A confident and rather selfish girl who seems to have less musical ability than she thinks. She is the Empress of Feminine and is based on Nero.

Brand: Showstopping
Tibby is based on Tiberius and is the Empress of Sexy.

Brand: Midnight Rockers
Augusta is the Empress of Cool and is based on Augustus.

Other IdolsEdit

Performs with Julia as a duo for a while but leaves her to sing with childhood friends Marcia and Antonia.

Rainbow WarriorsEdit


Manager of Bessie. A lethargic flumpy eagle who knows a lot about the PriPire.

Manager of PriPara Fiesta.

Manager of the Golden Eagles.


Julia's older brother.




Pop typeEdit




La FemmeEdit


Fish PieEdit


Midnight RockersEdit


Prism EmpireEdit

Making DramasEdit

Episode ListEdit

Julia gets a PriTicket-but only manages to keep her hands on it because Claudia lets her in on a secret.

The pretty idol Cleopatra appears and forms the Golden Eagles with Julia.

Julia and Cleo momentarily lose Claudia-to have a cute boy yelling at them that Claudia is standing at the edge of the tower-and looks ready to jump off...

Cleopatra has been talking to two girls called Antonia and Marcia a lot recently. Then she announces that this session show with Julia will be her swan song... How will Julia take this?

With the heartbreak of losing Cleopatra thick in the air, a mysterious new girl with mint-green hair plucks up the courage to ask Julia something...

PriPara is holding a WW1 anniversary show. Among the participants will be Julia, Adrienne, and... Claudia?!

Julia and Adrienne are all set for their performance of All of Me for the Stardust Session, but when the time comes, they are unexpectedly gatecrashed.

The Golden Eagles decide to perform the song Rasputin for the Champions Cup-and will probably pull it off if they can get over how crazy they look.

It's the Champions Cup! Bethan and PriPara Fiesta are poised to wow the crowd and steal the show with their fabulous costumes and showstopping routines. Meanwhile, Julia is a Russian man, Claudia is the Russian queen and Adrienne is the infamous Rasputin. Who will be the one to swipe the chance of winning out of the others' hands?

Roma suddenly falls ill-and that's when Bessie approaches the Golden Eagles and PPF and explains more about the Empresses' role.

The truth about how to bring back the PriPire is out-and it's a shocker. Bethan was always dead set on her choice, but the other six Empresses aren't so sure...

The Colosseum is up and ready-and Earth is in danger. With lives on the line either way, the Golden Eagles and PPF must make tough decisions to decide which world to save.

Seasons PriPire - PriPire Duo: Underworld - PriPire Tres: Bellum
PriPire Empresses
Adrienne Stonewall - Augusta Bay - Bethan Amou - Claudia Britten - Julia Kaiser - Nerissa Fiedler - Tibby Rivers
Supporting Characters
Dominic Kaiser - Cleopatra
Mascots And Their Colleagues
Feliciano - Lovino - Rima - Roma - Romule
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