Pripara: Jump For Joy
Kanji プリパラ:喜びのためにジャンプ
romaji Puripara: Yorokobi no tame ni janpu
Created By Hitorihiari
Theme Scents
Season(s) 1
No. of Episodes/Chapters Undetermined.
Opening Theme Jump For Joy ~My Heart is Beating Fast~
Ending Theme Angel Breeze(covered and borrowed from the Idolm@ster franchise)

Plot Edit

Nonohara didn't expect herself to be involved in this idol buisness. Sure, she had dreamt becoming an idol... When she was a child. Who could refuse an offer when a super idol in disguise comes rushing up to you with cute eyes, exclaiming that you "have the smell of an potental super idol"?

Characters Edit

Nonohara ZakuraEdit

Nonohara is the main protagonist of Pripara: Jump For Joy~.

Since she is a NEET, she doesn't really go to school anymore. 

Her brand is currently unknown because the popular brands doesn't really suit her, so she just uses Twinkle Ribbon for now. 

Whenever she walks into the room, it has been reported that she smells of joyful rainbows and the calming scent of ocean breeze; which is an extremely rare smell to have. According to Chika, only 2 God-rank Idols has ever had the same smell.

Alias: Nono-chi

Idol Type: Varies between Star and Cool

Seiyuu: Saitou Chiwa(in Homura Akemi's tone)/Etsuko Yakushimaru

Chika NakanishiEdit

Chika is the deuteragonist of Pripara: Jump For Joy~

She has been in the idol business since she was 7 years old, so she has a bit of an superior complex going on. It's reacts feveishly especially when her manager, Nana-chi asks her to to mentor new idols.

She has the amazing ability to smell out potential idols by their natural scent. When this happens, her mind stars racing 100 miles per milisecond to figure out if the idol's scent is strong enough to be transcend into the God Idol ranking. 

She smells of lavender and hot summer days

Alias: Naka-chi or Chi-chi

Idol Type: Cute

Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura(in Miki Moriya's tone)/Sayaka Sasaki

Ai Kawakami Edit

Ai is a main character of Pripara: Jump For Joy~

She hasn't been in the idol business as long as Chika but she has been in it long enough for people to slyly comment that she and Chika should do a duet or go on tour together. Neither of them has yet to comment on it.

She has this song called "Eternal Smile" that she hums/sings before every concert to calm her nerves. She and Nonohara made it together when they were 5 years old.

She smells of sunflowers and hibiscus tea

Alias: Ai-hime

Idol Type: Sexy

Seiyuu: Nana Mizuki


Stardust Interlude- Consists of Chika Nakanishi, Nonohara Zakura  and Etsuko Kameko (an idol who won't debut until later.)

Sparkling*Daydream- Consists of Yukari Kiski, Ai Kawakami, and Kiku Takara




Brands Edit