Rima Shiba
Rōmaji Shiba Rima
Also Known As Rima
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Girl
Age 14 years
Height 1,65 metres
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Caramell
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Student
Personal Status
Voice Actors

Rima Shiba is a 14 years old Lovely type idol and one of the main characters of PriPara 12 Zodiacs. She's in the unit Eternally with Krista Todo and Lily Doe.

Appearance Edit

Outside of PriPara she has caramell-colored, boyish, short hair, all thought just a couple of weeks ago she had hair to her shulder, but she got gum stuck in it, and she has brown eyes. In PriPara her hair is a little longer than it was before she cut it, and she gets pink highlights. Her eyes get a hint of hazel. Her skin is tanned both outside and in PriPara she's pretty tanned and she's 1,65 metres.

Personality Edit

Both in real world and in PriPara she's positive and full of life. In real life she is very much more loud and visable than shy-Krista. She's not as serious as Krista and often during practice Krista scolds her.

Relations Edit

  • Krista Todo - friend from PriPara and fellow team-member
  • Lily Doe - friend from PriPara and fellow team-member

Songs Edit

Rima's personal song is Ippai Love, but she's been performing Make It! a lot with Krista and Lily as they don't have a unit song.

Noticable coords Edit

Miss Santa Coord - she wore it in a poster

Gallery Edit

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