Souno Tomonai is a cool-type idol. She is the main protagonist in PriPara: Rainbow Beat.

Souno Tomonai
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Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 13
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5 '3
Weight Unknown

Appearance Edit

In the PriPara world, Souno is a 13 year old that reaches the height of 5'3. She has fair-light skin and blue-green eyes. Her blonde hair resembles that of a model and is cut short, almost in a boys cut. 

In the real world, she has short hair that is almost shoulder length, and is a different shade of blonde than in her PriPara form. Her eyes are bit more green, and the height is different, more or less. 

Personality Edit

In PriPara Souno appears to be very cool and leaderly. But in the normal world she is actually very outgoing and happy. 

Etymology Edit

Souno (Sōno) - TBA

Tomonai - Tomo means friend and nai means no.

She often says "Oh no!", which can be considered a pun since "Nai" means no, and "Oh No" rhymes with "Souno". This was a pure coincidence, and not noticed by the creator till recently.

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