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Sweet Sweets is a brand preferred by Makoto. It was made by his twin sister, Machiko


This brand takes the sweet allure of desserts and blends it with the lovely pop of colorful candies. It is cute, yet sexy, and focuses on both elements to create a wonderfully elegant as well as playful-side to any girl.

A few coords may cross into other idol-type territories from time to time. 

Known coords[]

  • Cake Party Coord
  • Sweet Sweets Cyalume Coord
  • Candied Mont Blanc Coord
  • Strawberry Fever Coord
  • Tart Coord
  • Drip Kiss Coord
  • Ballerina BonBon Coord
  • Pepper Princess Coord
  • Sugar Dancer Coord
  • Panic Passion Coord
  • Pom-Pom Gumdrop Coord
  • Cotton Candy Coord
  • Sugar Raindrops Coord
  • Jubalee Gelatin Coord
  • Sweets Moon Coord
  • Savory Moon Coord
  • Spicy Sun Coord
  • Ocean Jelly Coord
  • Volcano Choco Coord
  • Christmas Sweets Coord
  • Madness Stretch Coord
  • Alasbake Coord