• You two are best friends, right? Don't just fight because of PriTickets! I think you can buy it at the shops or somewhere... Because I don't have PriTickets XD

    And now, please stop fighting, Maya and Nunter. I just want you to have peace, because PriPara was just all about friends. Oh yes, saying about PriTickets, why you Maya and Nunter didn't snapping PriTickets and apologize?

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    • Okay...

      1. Please don't get involved within disputes you can't relate to or understand.

      2. This was handled like a month ago. It doesn't need someone intervening now.

      3. They weren't friends to begin with.

      4. I banned that jerk.

      5. why MY wall?

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    • You are a true devil, Chris. You're having bad habits of this wikia. And also, bad Chris behaviour.

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    • Thanks.

      Meanwhile, Nunter was the one causing problems - I was the one to stop them. If you think I'm such a bad person then you don't need to talk to me at all.

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    • A FANDOM user
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