• Well, so I was looking at this wiki having nothing to do and found something weird ...

    Did this user just edit off an other user's character and made it their own? Not that I'm going to be active I just felt I had to tell you...

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    • That's what it kind of looks like, huh?

      I'll be looking into it a bit further. It's possible its the same user and they were just changing names. But... I kinda doubt that.

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    • Their writing style is different though, so I find it weird...

      Thanks, even though I'm not the creator ^^

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    • I looked into it, but it was really strange. From what I saw in the Page History it was like... the editor was aware of the changes? I messaged them both, so I'm oping to get answers soon.

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    • I hope we can sort this out soon ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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