Umi Koizumi (Japanese:恋済み うみ Koizumi Umi) is a Debut-class idol in PriPara. She is the third member of Sparkling❤Girls, and younger sister of Dojou Koizumi. Her favourite brand is unknown, and she is a cool-type idol.

Appearance Edit

In both the real world and PriPara, she has piercing aqua eyes and fair skin.

In real life, she has somewhat unkempt, short black hair and wire eyglasses. Like her sister, she dresses casually and rather boyish, in a black graphic-tee, teal hoodie, jeans, and grey high-tops.

In PriPara, her hair is slightly longer, and much better managed. She loses her glasses.

Personality Edit

Umi would best be described as cold. She is unsociable, and to the point. She is a no-nonsense kind of girl, and can be blunt, almost rude or sarcastic, at times, especially with her sister, of whom she is the polar opposite.

Relations Edit

Dojou Koizumi Edit

Umi loves her sister dearly, and aspires to be as good at PriPara as her, but she can't help but get upset with Dojou from time to time. They mix like oil and water, but their bond is unbreakable.

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Coords Edit

  • Holic Trick's Blue Maiden Coord (Buruu Otome Coode)

Songs Edit

On her own, she sings Soldier Game. With her group, she sings Party Driver.

Etymology Edit

Her given name, Umi, translates to sea, while her surname, Koizumi, translates to little spring. These emphasize her water motif.

History Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She was born April 7th, and is an Aries.
  • Along with Yuri and Dojou, she makes up the 'sea' in the 'sky, sea, land' motif.

Gallery Edit

Umi's Mic

Umi's mic

Umi casual 2

Umi in real life (redesigned)

Umi cylume coord

Um in PriPara

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