aka Nadia/リボンマスター

  • I live in Things, California
  • My occupation is Occupied
  • I am Awesome

Idk. I got bored. I didn't really take my time so its pretty bad.

Hi! I am an admin on this wikia, so feel free to ask me for anything. Also, please remember to read the rules and check out the templates before editing.

I am also an admin of the PriPara wiki, and Chris (Chrismh) showed us this wiki and it brought me here. I don't know if I will do a lot of adding fandom stuff (oh, stop saying that, you know you will), but I will help enforce the rules, edit grammar, organize, etc.

I also LOVE to draw, so if you have any requests feel free to ask. I know some of my other work sucks, but its only because they are drafts and unofficial outlines for me to get a picture of how I want it to look.

On my drawings, I like to leave a messy signature saying "Ribbon". Please note my signature is messy ON PURPOSE.

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