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Yuri Tenno (Japanese: 天のゆり, Tenno Yuri) is a shy 8th grade girl, and a Debut-clas Idol in PriPara, leader of the unit SparklingGirls (PikaPikaShoujo). She is the protagonist of PriPara: Reach for the Sky!. Her favourite brand is Heavenly Maiden, and she is a Feminine idol.

Appearance Edit

In both PriPara and real life, she has fair skin and bright aqua eyes. She is rather small in stature.

In real life, Yuri has shoulder-length brown hair, typically held back in a loose bun, with her bangs and sidetails hanging in front of her face. She wears an hombre, deep-pink minidress with a white shawl tied in a big bow in the front, and black bike shorts underneath. She wears caramel-brown sandal-boots.

In PuriPara, she has long, dirty blond hair, and is roughly 5cm taller.

Personality Edit

Yuri is a shy, polite girl who only opens up when singing. She has been described as innocent and elegant, almost angelic, and she took those to heart when she created her PriPara avatar.

Relations Edit

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Songs Edit

Her solo song is Fly High. With her team, she sings Party Driver.

History Edit

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Etymology Edit

Her given name, Yuri, is Japanese for 'Lily' while her family name, Tenno, could be taken as 'Heavenly' of 'of Heaven', meaning her full name, in proper Japanese order, would translate to Lily of Heaven or Heavenly Lily, fitting with her angel motif.

Trivia Edit

  • She was born on May 12th, and she is a Taurus.
  • Along with Dojou and Umi, she makes up the 'sky' of the 'sky, sea, land' motif.
  • Her eyes sparkle brightest when she's on stage.

Gallery Edit

Yuri casual

Yuri's real world appearance.

Yuri's Mic

Yuri's mic

Yuri cylume coord

Yuri in PriPara

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